Who are the blessed in the New?

by - 11:14 AM

Blessed in the New

Blessed are the healthy because they are the heirs of life.

Blessed are the lovers, for they have known the meaning of life.

Blessed are those who wait for them at the door when they come.

Blessed are the strong and those who know that they can help and apply.

Blessed are the living because they have the key to all heavens!

Blessed are the prudent, for they sow, give birth, and raise.

Blessed are the thirsty, for they will drink - and they will take water to others.

Blessed are the poor, for they will distribute riches.

Blessed are those who walk, for they will arrive.

Blessed are the free, for they have known the Truth.

Blessed are the ignorant, because they will view and see the Sun.

Blessed are those who walk with the Light - and do not stumble on the Way.

And I say to all of you: you who are not with the New that has come - you are with the death that is going away!

But do not be afraid: Life will take you out of the furnace, adorn you again with everything you have - and will send you to serve again!

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