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at the feet of the master

Many were seated, and One was speaking. And everyone listened.

- The one who thought evil of you and you did not give in to his words, but remained in a good mood for him - you are free from him.

You are free.

But he who praises you, he will want a lot - beware! Every praise is a chain that connects your future; an invoice that will be presented to you to pay.

And it doesn't matter that you pay or give - because the source is to spring - but the way they want and take you: you are not free - because if you rejoice in the praise, it means it means that something has not reached you to be satisfied with your work, and the dissatisfied person can never know the Truth. He lives in his own garden, where many different fruits grow, but not all of them are the most necessary.

And if you are not satisfied with the praise, a thought will bite your thought and will disturb your soul that you deserve more. And you will lose your peace.

- Then?

- Then, always be free, because only the free can know the Truth; only he who has no clouds above his head sees the true image of the sun.

- Then how do we outgrow ourselves?

- Sometimes it all comes down to this: to be awake when others are asleep, and to work for the realization of a divine idea.

Remember: you have to be brave! And he is brave who, having lost everything, wants nothing.

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