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at the feet of the Teaher

The Master looked at them with his quiet gaze, which exuded goodness. And those disciples, clinging head to head, had become only eyes that lurked and ears that longed.

- You want? But the one who wants - he does not have! And he who seeks - has not found.

And he who has not found, cannot give.

Make no mistake - the one who wants is still in this world.

But, Master, - asked the disciple, whose soul was burning with aspiration, like a snowy peak illuminated by the rising sun, - should we not at least wish to be good?

The teacher smiled slightly. Clouds rolled down the mountains and shadows ran across the fields far ahead, where a city of many thousands lay.

- If the bad man does the little good he can - he is a good man. And if the good man does not do the good he can, he is a bad man!

- Don't we want anything then? - several asked suddenly, and astonishment and sorrow opened their eyes wide.

- If you want something - be it a drop of happiness, a piece of bread or to rule universes - indifferently, you equally lack - you are far from wisdom and you have not known the Truth.

But if you say: «Make me, Lord, worthy to do Your will!» - and you feel like a little dust, which is ready under the slightest impulse to fulfill His law, so whatever it is - then you are His son!

- To be! - Everyone called in a chorus. And the sun seemed to burn other suns inside them - and their eyes shone.

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