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- Go and know: from now on you will be in the world, but you will not be of the world!

You will be a guest on earth - accepted everywhere, nowhere at home.

The student turned helplessly to ask something, but the door behind him slammed and he remained in darkness ... And darkness enveloped him, and the cold pierced his heart.

And he walked with clumsy steps across the wide world, which opened its fields before him.

Unconsciously, he found himself in front of his home, the house where he had spent his youth.

- Who are you to enter here so freely? - asked those who had forgotten him and whom he inadvertently thought of as strangers now.

- A ... guest looking for.

- Then go elsewhere.

- But wouldn't you accept me? If you went somewhere, if your brother went around the world to look, as I ...

- We have our brother ... but if he leaves us for his chimeras, let him live with them.

- But if he suffers?

- This will be a fair share for his stupid dreams - to be something more than us.

- But if he really is something more than you?

- Then let him sit with what he has found! We do not want his greatness.

- But what if he wants to share the good he has acquired and the light with which he has been favored?

- Let him keep them to himself, we are ordinary people and we want to stay that way.

- But if your brother heard those words, he would be very sad.

- He had longed for such empty things before.

The boy came out in silence.

And he remembered the words he had once read: «He came among his own, and his own received him not.»

And then he heard a voice beside him, the voice of Him who had led him in the past:

- Those who listen to my Word and fulfill my words are my brothers and sisters.

And his soul rejoiced, because there were already so many in the world who had heard His words.

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