Here's what Beinsa Douno says about Bulgarian language and people

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Petar Danov for Bulgarians

"Today, the Word is given in Bulgarian, because the Bulgarian language is the most accurate language to which occult laws and the Word of God can be conveyed. Because the Bulgarian people are one of the most ancient peoples of the earth."

Main forces in the development of the Bulgarian people:

  • Proto-Bulgarians - forces of Will and Truth.
  • Thracians - forces of Wisdom and Light.
  • Slavs - Law of Sacrifice and Love.
Rudolf Steiner asked:

"Teacher, I wonder how you can express so many things in so few simple words in the ordinary human language - great ideas and truths."

The teacher says:

"But this language is not an ordinary language - it is the most accurate on Earth. And it is only with him that occult truths can be transmitted. That is why I was born and came to the Bulgarian people because it is the oldest occult nation on earth."

The True Teacher of Humanity - Beinsa Douno (Petar Danov)! 
If you have the opportunity to read even one book of it, it will be extremely useful to you!

For him the great Albert Einstein says:

"The whole world bows to me, but I bow to the Master Peter Deunov of Bulgaria." - Albert Einstein

Pope John XXIII called Peter Deunov "the greatest philosopher living on the Earth".

The Bulgarian language has been prepared for 5000 years to bring to it the Word of God in the early twentieth century. And now, as a nation, we have a mission to learn and spread this teaching throughout the world!

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