For the Golden Children - Beinsa Douno

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by Master BeinsΠ° DΠΎuno for the Golden Children

The era that we live in is a prerequisite for new thinking. That is why the Destiny give us with the Golden Children of the Light of Love, Wisdom and Beauty, who will have the task of saving this beautiful planet Earth. The knowledge and skills they possess will help them to accomplish their tasks from the Invisible World.

For them the earthly lessons will be strange, because they carry the Power and the Light, the Wisdom, the Truth and the Freedom of the Universe. Supported by the Light Forces of Good, they will be able to save even the smallest insects, which will be strange for the ordinary humans.

They know that in each form on the visible field works the spirit of God.

The joy they beam in every action is the meaning of their lives. They will be able to make contact with any manifest form of the Earth. They will carry the weapon of Love because they are prepared from above for it. They have a mission on this planet. Our mission is to give them the conditions to develop the gifts and abilities they possess.

In this age, Heavenly messengers are in need.

They will hold distinguished leadership positions with the highest purpose of doing justice without expecting anything for themselves.

Their words are pure and holy.

For them, art and creativity is the meaning of their lives. They will be poets, musicians, healers, philosophers. They will have access to expression in all professions. They will help humanity to look through, to go beyond the realm of the material and see the Majesty of the Creator.

Passing from field to field, they will receive, every minute, information and support from the Invisible World, from the Light Beings who are their leaders.

Their sole purpose is to raise human consciousness to the Light and gratitude for all that God gives them.

They will have a connection with the other planets. 

Intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance, seeing in the past and seeing in the future will help them to accomplish the mission they have come to.

They will be vegetarian.

They will be able to feed on water and Prana with Light and Thought.

They will be the guardians and defenders of every form created by the Creator-God.

The universe is their home. They will move freely everywhere.

They are warriors of the Light.

Wisdom and beauty

Compiled by: Zana Krasteva
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