8 Wise Thoughts on Wisdom - Master Beinsa Douno

by - 3:53 AM

by Master Beinsa Douno

Wisdom is the highest peak. It resolves the contradictions between good and evil. She harnesses both to work.

Wisdom is the Way of all to whom God manifests.

The most difficult thing is learning the Wisdom of God. And adepts, angels, and gods fall, reaching the exams of Wisdom.

If you Humble YourSelf, you are close to Wisdom.

Wisdom is the most difficult path in a person's life. There is no more difficult path than Wisdom. When someone speaks to me of God's Wisdom, I understand all the light of the infinite space that light never goes out.

Wisdom is the connection with the minds of all reasonable beings.

Wisdom deals with the contradictions of the mind.

But the wisdom that is above is first of all pure, then peaceful, gentle, pleading, full of mercy and good fruits, appeasable, non-hypocritical.

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