8 Wise Thoughts on Truth - Master Beinsa Douno

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Master Beinsa Douno - Petar Danov

Truth is the primal subliminal spirit that has come forth from God, but it cannot have life without love. The primary, eternal environment in which everything can live is love. In order to revive the Great Principle of Truth, in order to revive its methods, love must come as a necessary environment.

The truth does not depend on the conclusions we make, but the conclusions must come from the truth.

When truth acts in man, his face becomes light, because truth is a synthesis of all the rays of light.

Geniuses and saints come from the world of Truth. Unless one is penetrated by that inner pursuit of Truth, he cannot be a genius. This is a subliminal state.

In my opinion, what we don't see is real. The only real thing is what no one can take from you. What cannot be proven is real.

When a person acquires the truth, his sufferings will cease. Love brings suffering, and the truth ends them.

The truth is not spoken, but lived.

The truth speaks to the sun. Wisdom speaks to the planets. Love has come down to Earth to speak to humans and the smallest beings. Far and high is the purpose of truth. Only by the patient one, can it be achieved.

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