8 Wise Thoughts on Love - Master Beinsa Douno

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Master Beinsa Douno - Petar Danov

Love is that invisible force in the world that causes us to show the best of ourselves. It warms our hearts and souls. Makes us shine, transforms us.

If the thought of a person never fades from your mind, know that he or she loves you. If you do not disappear from his mind, you are both in love.

If you want to love, you should not be afraid. If you want to be loved, you should have no doubt.

If you love someone, don't tell them about your love. The one you love should not know what feelings you have for him.

Love is the most important issue in life. If you resolve it, you will resolve any other matter, whether personal, social, family or human.

Divine love works wonders. Where it goes, it creates and reproduces. This love must be studied. But if you have not applied the human love that has the smallest sacrifices, how will you apply the Divine that requires great sacrifices?

Love is deaf to all bad, hurtful words. You cannot grieve the heart of a loving man, neither can you darken his mind, nor can you disturb his soul. He would smile at all the insults and bitterness. Love is an invincible force. He who has Love is a strong man.

Love that cannot withstand all the trials of life is not true love.

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