The Journey to the Sun

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The Journey to the Sun

by Bob Fickes

The journey to the Light might seem like it takes a long time. There seems to be so many obstacles on the way. But once you experience the light the obstacles all disappear and only the Light remains like a brilliant Sun that illuminates everything.

Why does it seem so far? Why do we see so many obstacles? The answer is simpler than we expect. We are the Sun, the Source, the Brilliance of Love at the very center of our Heart and the very center of the Universe. When we focus on anything else with our ego/mind, the thing we are focusing on engages our perspective and we lose sight of the Sunshine. This is similar to when we are reading an engaging story in a book. We get so absorbed in the story, that we don’t notice anything in the room. Someone can walk in on us and we don’t see them.

The Light is always inside of us. We get so absorbed in focusing on the problems and our own thoughts, that we don’t notice the Sunshine of our heart. Then it is like we have entered another room of perception and the Sun is gone. Really our problems are only an obstacle because we can’t turn away from them long enough to return to the Light. But the Real Sun is so bright that anything close to it melts into the Light and all of our problems disappear into Enlightenment and Love. No problem and no irritation can remain when the Sunshine of our Heart is fully Awake.


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