Spinning the Chakras

by - 3:10 AM

Our Chakras are the windows of our soul

by Bob Fickes

Our Chakras are the windows of our soul. They are the centers of our soul consciousness through which we view the world and transform our life. When our Chakras are full of electricity we are happy and successful. Our vision is clear and true and our life is in harmony with the universe.

But when our Chakras are congested with old memories and resistances due to emotions, their Life Force slows down and our perception gets distorted. When this happens it is important for us to find a way to move our energy by doing something that we love. Our own excitement generates more Life Force so our Chakras can get spinning again and our perception returns to a higher level.

Receiving a healing for our Chakras can help, but if we still hold on to our old habits the congestion will return and our perception will get distorted again. We feel tired and not motivated. Healing can help but moving our energy into something we are excited about works much more effectively.

If you want to heal your Chakras, get excited and move your energy. Your life becomes successful through your own efforts to do more and do better. Follow your heart and live the life that you always dream about. Todays dream becomes tomorrow’s reality.


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