Poland Becomes 14th European Nation To Officially Ban GMOs!

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the nation of Poland has officially announced its decision

Poland is the latest country to reject genetically modified organisms in their food production.

As Radio Poland reports, the nation of Poland has officially announced its decision to join thirteen other nations so far in it’s excluding Monsanto’s controversial crops from its nation’s farmland. The news was announced by Informacyjna Agencja Radiowa (IAR), a press agency working with Polskie Radio in Poland.

The fourteenth country to opt out of growing GM crops, Poland joins the ranks of Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Latvia, Italy, Germany, Scotland, Wales, Lithuania, Austria, Ireland, France, and Greece.

Many countries are boycotting Monsanto’s controversial crops, specifically the biotech company’s genetically modified maize, for fear that GMOs will contaminate the country’s natural crops. According to Scotland’s Rural Affairs Secretary, Richard Lochhead:

“[…] I am concerned that allowing GM crops to be grown in Scotland would damage our clean and green brand, thereby gambling with the future of our £14 billion food and drink sector.”

Clearly, other nations agree.

Europe has been in strong opposition to genetically engineered foods for decades now, resulting in a number of mass protests. Earlier this year, for example, Polish farmers protested in the streets and took to their tractors to shut down motorways. They sought to express their disapproval of foreign influences taking over their industry and succeeded. The country of Poland has now made it official that Monsanto’s genetically engineered crops will not be allowed within its borders moving forward.

Countries in Europe have until October 3rd to decide if they will opt out of growing GMOs or not. Will any more join the list before the deadline?

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Written by Amanda Froelich of www.trueactivist.com

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