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by Méline Lafont

Today I wanted to write something about Love. This post came to my mind while my being was feeling something, while I was reading a message from someone I care for deeply from the heart. This post is for that someone ♥

Love makes you think in terms of wanting the other part of you, longing for that someone or something that completes you in one single heartbeat. Love is the perfection of your being in all purity of Essence, it shares an ecstatic joy and blissful feeling that runs through your veins and every single cell of your being. The heart is the motor and creator of it and pumps this purity and essence of your being through your entire existence and parts of you. The whole you now feels this state of being called Love and it feels at home, it feels perfected and complete, whole again as ONE.

When you Love someone deeply, whether it being your partner or child, friend or family, someone special… You are affected by this deep feeling of gratitude, respect and foremost a warm deep feeling that makes the butterflies fly like crazy inside of your being. It is called the activation of you that is experienced in your current form, from a higher state of being. The entire heart is glowing and feeling warm, it is beating stronger: emanating a profound deep pink flow of energy that touches every single existence in your core and being. The Kundalini starts to flow out of the heart space when it is opened up by this pure and unconditional Love, that I am feeling when connecting with that special someone.

When you deeply love someone from the heart, all you can think of is that person or being and the longing for being together. It wants you to be together and non- separated on all levels and planes of existence, but we often forget that we complete ourselves to the extent of perfection, not another. The other; that special someone, does give you a sense of near completion, of trust and faith, of being cherished and loved from the heart and this is all so very wonderful to experience as well. This is why we created relationships, in order to experience a Love with another without completion from Self, but merely a sense of completion by another, sharing deep Love.

love that is the closest to self completion and perfection

If you find that special someone in your life, who can give you that feeling and love that is the closest to self completion and perfection, like the Twin Flame part of you does when both parts are reunited and rebalanced in Self; than we must cherish this quite special experience and take it by heart. It is the closest you can experience and feel in incarnation, that is not you; being your Twin Flame part of Self. When all the Love you share for one another is the most deep and meaningful feeling you have ever felt, sensed, perceived and experienced, all on a unconditional way; you can be sure that this special opportunity, this special Love you share is something that you have created from the beginning of your being, in the deepest of your core for that someone special.. and it comes out into existence when you are ready for it, when you both are ready for this.. and when time has come to do so, to be this; what a blessing it is!

The closest to Twin Flame Love, Self Love, is the Love between Soul mates that have known each other for lifetimes of lifetimes, whom have shared Love and life together, knowledge and lessons. Soul mates have often build bridges together in order to walk over it together, hand in hand on a next lifetime. And when you find each other on a Love path in your Life, deep experiences and Love can be felt and shared from heart to heart. I AM grateful for this opportunity and although my heart is completely free for it, open for it and in full acceptance for it there can be quite some challenges on the way to this path together, but on the other hand all is to overcome as these are merely Self creations.

From now on we create, as Master beings of creation and manifestation, our own reality and choices in life. If Love is your goal, your essence and the existence that drives you; than you will attract and find that same Love you share / are and create. I find myself in this timeframe as we speak and I am beginning to see such wonderful things unfolding in my life related to that Love of Soul mate and Twin flame, its all part of my being and creation and I AM so much Love right now ♥ Thank you, that special one, for inspiring me and giving me the opportunity to experience this, feel this and BE this Love that exists in All That Is. And So It Is!

With all my Love from the heart and being, I cherish you all

Meline Lafont

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